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Martini Menu
All Shaken - None Stirred
Clean Martini  $10.00
Tanqueray & a hint of Dry Vermouth
Dirty Martini  $10.00
Tanqueray or Tito's, Dry Vermouth & splash of Olive Juice,
Garnished with Olives
Peartini  $10.00
House Infused Pear Tito's, Cointreau, splash of Lemon
Chocolate Mint Martini  $13.00
House Infused Vanilla Tito's Chocolate Liqueur with
Creme de Menthe & Cream. 

Garnished with Whipped Topping and Shaved Dark Chocolate
Bean Tini  $11.00
House Infused Vanilla Tito's, Kahlua & Bailey's
Garnished with Fruit Peel & Bordeaux Cherry
Salted Carmeltini  $10.00
Carmel Liquor & RumChata.
Served with a Salted Rim & Caramel Syrup lacing
Garnished with Bordeaux Cherry
Cheesecake Tini  $12.00
House Infused Blueberry or Raspberry Tito's (you choose),
with a creamy base & a slash of Lemon.
Rim garnished with crushed Graham Cracker.
Cucumber Martini  $11.00
Fresh Cucumber muddled, Hendrick Botanical Gin,
Dry Vermouth
Garnished with a rolled flesh peel of cucumber
Blood Orange Martini  $12.00
House Infused Vanilla and Orange Tito's, 
Orange Liquor and Housemade Fruit Syrup
Garnished with Marchino Cherry and Fruit Peel
Gingertini  $11.00
Ginger Lover's citrus martini with Tito's
Garnished with sugar rim and Ginger
Lemon Drop Martini  $11.00
House Infused Citrus Tito's, Dry Vermouth
House made Fruit Syrup
Garnished with sugar rim
Ruby Red Martini  $11.00
Tito's, Fresh squeezed Grapefruit juice, Cointreau
& a splash of Lemon
Garnished with fruit peel
Shadows Violet Martini  $13.00
Hendrick Botanical Gin, Violet infused Liquor,
Cointreau, Lemon, Simple Syrup, & Soda
Garnished with fruit slice
RyeKnot Martini  $12.00
A new kind of Rye Whiskey based Martini
Rye Bourban Wiskey, Sweet Vermouth,
muddled Bordeaux Cherry, Fresh sueezed orange and soda
Can you say Cocktail??
Summer Fresh  $6.00
Tito's, Fresh Squeezed Lemon, Simple Syrup
This is SOOO good!!
If you want a little sparkle and a little less sweet
Ask your server to add a little Club Soda.
Cape Cod  $6.00
Tito's, Cranberry Juice, a slash of lime.
Grey Hound  $7.00
Tito's & fresh squeezed Grapfruit juice
Long Island Ice Tea  $10.00
Tito's, Tanqueray, Cointreau
splash of Lemon & Cola
Caesar Shadows Style  $8.00
Houe Infused Bacon Tito's, Mary Mix, Worcestershire,
Horseradish, Clamato, Celery Salt. 
Shaken & Garnished
Ginger Maker  $7.00
Bulleit Bourbon, a pinch of sugar muddled Bordeaux Cherry,
topped with Ginger Beer
Poloma  $7.00
Taqueray, & Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit Juice
Shadows G&T  $8.00
Tanqueray, Housemade Tonic & Soda
Mexican Top Hat  $6.00
Bacarde Oak Spiced Rum, Cola, & Lime wedge
Margarita $7.00
Camarena Tequila, Cointreau, Fresh Squeezed Lime juice.
Shadows Sunrise $7.00
Camarena Tequila, Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice,
& Cranberry Juice.
Shadows Mai Tai  $7.00
Bacarde Oak Spiced Rum, Bacarde White Rum, Orgeat,
Fresh Squeezed Lime juice & Simple Syrup
Pineapple Express  $6.00
Tito's, Orgeat Syrup, Pinapple Juice, Lime Wedge
Don't see your favorite drink on our list?
If we have the ingredients we will give it a try!!
Snack Menu
French Fry Basket  $4.00
Light Buttery Breaded French Fries
Tell your attendent if you would like garlic sprinkled on yours
Potato Skins  $5.00
Potato halves, hollowed and dressed with bacon & chedder cheese.
Served with Sour Cream
Fried Pickles  $5.00
Robust, crisp dill pickle dipped in beer batter
Served with Ranch Dressing
Mini Tacos  $5.00
Crescent shaped corn tortilla filled with chicken and beans
Served with picante sauce
Egg Roll  $5.00
Crispy traditional wrap is filled with savory pork &vegetables.
Served with sweet Chili Sauce
Santa Fe Eggroll  $5.00
Chicken, corn,black beans and chopped peppers rolled
into a flour tortilla for a southwest flare
Served with Picante
Ravioli  $5.00
Cheese ravioli with a parmesan breading
for a crunchy coating
Served with Marinara or Ranch
Pizza Bites $5.00
Italain breaded cheese and pepperoni in a
parmesan breaded crust
Served with Marinara
Chicken Strips  $7.00
Tempura battered chicken strips.
served with Sweet Chili Sauce or Ranch
Pork Riblets  $5.00
Pork rib pieces cut into a hand snack size
Served with Honey Mustard or traditional BBQ Sauce.
(These are so good they do not NEED sauce)
Charcuterie Board  $20 or 30
Made for 2 or 4
Five Cheeses, Three Meats, Fresh Fruit, Olives or Pickles
Assorted Nuts, Bacon Jam, Crackers and Housemade Bread
Cheese Board  $15 or 22
Made for 2 or 4
Five Cheeses, Fresh Fruit, Olives or Pickles
Assorted Nuts, Bacon Jam, Crackers and Housemade Bread
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