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Snack Menu
French Fry Basket  $5.00
Light Buttery Breaded French Fries
Tell your attendent if you would like garlic sprinkled on yours
Potato Skins  $6.00
Potato halves, hollowed and dressed with bacon & chedder cheese.
Served with Sour Cream
Fried Pickles  $6.00
Robust, crisp dill pickle dipped in beer batter
Served with Ranch Dressing
Mini Tacos  $6.00
Crescent shaped corn tortilla filled with chicken and beans
Served with picante sauce
Egg Roll  $6.00
Crispy traditional wrap is filled with savory pork &vegetables.
Served with sweet Chili Sauce
Ravioli  $6.00
Cheese ravioli with a parmesan breading
for a crunchy coating
Served with Marinara or Ranch
Chicken Strips  $7.00
Tempura battered chicken strips.
served with Sweet Chili Sauce or Ranch
Pot Stickers $6.00
Oriental Noodles filled with pork, Green Cabbage,
Soy Sauce, garlic, ginger,green onoin,and spices
Served with Sweet Chili Tai Sauce
Pork Riblets  $7.00
Pork rib pieces cut into a hand snack size
Served with Honey Mustard or traditional BBQ Sauce.
(These are so good they do not NEED sauce)
Charcuterie Board  $25 or 35
Made for 2 or 4
Five Cheeses, Three Meats, Fresh Fruit, Olives or Pickles
Assorted Nuts, Bacon Jam, Crackers and Housemade Bread
Cheese Board  $20
Made for 2
Five Cheeses, Fresh Fruit, Olives or Pickles
Assorted Nuts, Bacon Jam, Crackers and Housemade Bread
All Pizzas and 12"
House made hand tossed 12" crust, Marinara Sauce or Alfredo Sauce
Mozzarella Cheese and Parmesan cheese mix
Choose your toppings

Meat Toppings
Add $1.50 per meat topping choice
Pepperoni, Sausage, Italian Sausage,
Canadian Bacon, Bacon, Chicken

Vegetable Toppings
Add $.50 per Vegetable topping choice
Blick Olives Jalapeno, Onion, Mushrooms,
Pineapple, Green Pepper, Saurerkaut
Cajun Pizza
Marinara, Cheese, Italian Sausage,
Bacon, Onion, Cayan and Cajun Seasoning
Margherita Pizza
Marinara, Fresh Mozzarella Cheese,
 Fresh Tomato, Fresh Basil,
Drizzled with Balsamic Vinagar
Alfredo Chicken
Alfredo Sauce, Cheese, Chicken,
Bacon, Onions
Combination Pizza
Marinara, Cheese,
Italian Sausage, Pepperoni, Bacon,
Onion, Mushrooms, Green Pepper, Olives
Just The Meat
Marinara, Cheese,
Pepperoni, Sausage, Italian Sausage,
Canadian Bacon, and Bacon
Hawaiian Pizza
Marinara, Cheese,
Canadian Bacon, and Pineapple
Italian Pesto
Pesto Sauce, Cheese
Italian Sausage, Onion, and Pine Nuts
Martini Menu
All Shaken - None Stirred
Clean Martini  $10.00
Tanqueray & a hint of Dry Vermouth
Dirty Martini  $10.00
Tanqueray or Tito's, Dry Vermouth & splash of Olive Juice,
Garnished with Olives
Peartini  $10.00
House Infused Pear Tito's, Cointreau, splash of Lemon
Chocolate Mint Martini  $13.00
House Infused Vanilla Tito's Chocolate Liqueur with
Creme de Menthe & Cream. 

Garnished with Whipped Topping and Shaved Dark Chocolate
Bean Tini  $11.00
House Infused Vanilla Tito's, Kahlua & Bailey's
Garnished with Fruit Peel & Bordeaux Cherry
Salted Carmeltini  $10.00
Carmel Liquor & RumChata.
Served with a Salted Rim & Caramel Syrup lacing
Garnished with Bordeaux Cherry
Cheesecake Tini  $12.00
House Infused Blueberry or Raspberry Tito's (you choose),
with a creamy base & a slash of Lemon.
Rim garnished with crushed Graham Cracker.
Cucumber Martini  $11.00
Fresh Cucumber muddled, Hendrick Botanical Gin,
Dry Vermouth
Garnished with a rolled flesh peel of cucumber
Blood Orange Martini  $12.00
House Infused Vanilla and Orange Tito's, 
Orange Liquor and Housemade Fruit Syrup
Garnished with Marchino Cherry and Fruit Peel
Gingertini  $11.00
Ginger Lover's citrus martini with Tito's
Garnished with sugar rim and Ginger
Lemon Drop Martini  $11.00
House Infused Citrus Tito's, Dry Vermouth
House made Fruit Syrup
Garnished with sugar rim
Ruby Red Martini  $11.00
Tito's, Fresh squeezed Grapefruit juice, Cointreau
& a splash of Lemon
Garnished with fruit peel
Shadows Violet Martini  $13.00
Hendrick Botanical Gin, Violet infused Liquor,
Cointreau, Lemon, Simple Syrup, & Soda
Garnished with fruit slice
RyeKnot Martini  $12.00
A new kind of Rye Whiskey based Martini
Rye Bourban Wiskey, Sweet Vermouth,
muddled Bordeaux Cherry, Fresh sueezed orange and soda
Can you say Cocktail??
Summer Fresh  $6.00
Tito's, Fresh Squeezed Lemon, Simple Syrup
This is SOOO good!!
If you want a little sparkle and a little less sweet
Ask your server to add a little Club Soda.
Cape Cod  $6.00
Tito's, Cranberry Juice, a slash of lime.
Grey Hound  $7.00
Tito's & fresh squeezed Grapfruit juice
Long Island Ice Tea  $10.00
Tito's, Tanqueray, Cointreau
splash of Lemon & Cola
Caesar Shadows Style  $8.00
Houe Infused Bacon Tito's, Mary Mix, Worcestershire,
Horseradish, Clamato, Celery Salt. 
Shaken & Garnished
Ginger Maker  $7.00
Bulleit Bourbon, a pinch of sugar muddled Bordeaux Cherry,
topped with Ginger Beer
Poloma  $7.00
Taqueray, & Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit Juice
Shadows G&T  $8.00
Tanqueray, Housemade Tonic & Soda
Mexican Top Hat  $6.00
Bacarde Oak Spiced Rum, Cola, & Lime wedge
Margarita $7.00
Camarena Tequila, Cointreau, Fresh Squeezed Lime juice.
Shadows Sunrise $7.00
Camarena Tequila, Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice,
& Cranberry Juice.
Shadows Mai Tai  $7.00
Bacarde Oak Spiced Rum, Bacarde White Rum, Orgeat,
Fresh Squeezed Lime juice & Simple Syrup
Pineapple Express  $6.00
Tito's, Orgeat Syrup, Pinapple Juice, Lime Wedge
Don't see your favorite drink on our list?
If we have the ingredients we will give it a try!!
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